About Us

When you walk into Arla’s home, you know you are in for a treat…

It is colorful and comedic – you never know what is around the corner
because all her props for her catering are items with which she lives.

Chickens in one corner, antique floral arrangements in another…

¬†Her favorite book as a child was “The Color Kittens”

Rivers of color everywhere…

You see it in her home.

You see it in her food.

You see it on her table displays.

Color, color everywhere.

She has taken all of that knowledge to create a catering business – never missing a DETAIL.

Aharona Catering has been in business for more that 10 years, creating dining events that are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. However you spell it, it means fun when you have the opportunity to be a guest at one of her events. The props are site specific – they look like they came with the property. That’s because a site visit is always done before an event, and all the containers, platters, and fixtures are selected to create a mood (usually fun) with a specific color scheme in mind.